The Power Is In The Twist

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Myth:  A powerful top turn requires quads of steel

Twisting is on the three major movements in surfing along with leaning and compression. It is the very core of a powerful turn that throws spray when executed correctly.

As we come to the top of the wave we generally have been burning of speed and hence the turn is more of a twist then a lean. It is is the same as riding a bike, at slow speeds we turn the handle bars (twist) and at high speeds we lean into the turn. So if you want to master a powerful top turn with buckets of spray you need to master a powerful twisting motion with your body!

When you want to perform a turn, all your power and torque comes from your twist.

The longer you hold your twist the greater the power and spray you are going to throw. When you twist it is crucial that you look to where you are going and hold that twist until you reach that destination. If you cut it short you are going to lose speed, but if you hold that coiled position until you connect with the lip or the foam it is going propel you back out of that twist. A lot of poor technique is done where people are looking down the line and trying to force a move and end up doing a quarter or half a twist, end up mid face and lose speed. A prime example of a surfer with textbook twisting technique is Mick Fanning, who does such a lightning quick twist and looks all the way back at the foam, reconnects with the foam and comes out of that turn with a lot more speed. So in twisting, look down the line and you will cut your turn short. Twist back, commit, look to the pocket and you will find that you come out of the turn with more speed.

Insight: Look, Twist & Hold


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