Surf Mastery with Clayton Nienaber

Listen to Ep 25 of Surf Mastery with Clayton Nienaber

Who is Clayton Nienaber…? Listen here at ASP Surf.

Clayton is an ex-South African pro, plus surfboard shaper, plus coach, plus the owner of a golden set of pipes that make tuning in to this podcast a sheer delight. Clayton makes his points via calm, precise explanations rather than vocal histrionics.

And the points he makes are worth your time.

Clayton shares some of his back-stories into how he became a world-class surfer, surf coach, and surfboard shaper.

Clayton has a unique take on advanced surfing, he breaks it down very clearly, simplifying what to most surfers seems magical. We clarify the proper surf stance – squat or lunge? Or Squnge? We talk in depth about Kelly Slater, and even break down one of his waves on a very detailed level. This podcast will give you an in-depth look at the worlds best surfers Kelly Slater – his approach, his technique and some never heard before quotes. 35 mins into the interview we break down a vid of Kelly surfing, so make sure you watch the vid posted below.

That insight now informs most, perhaps all, of Clayton’s surf coaching – one small nugget grew into a great seam of knowledge

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