The Solar was made for performance in waves with more power. It has been tried and tested in Jbay and the Indo and the results were spectacular. It features a pulled in round tail combined with a single to double concave which gives you all the control you need. The Solar is great in the barrel and holds well. The best feature is the Spine-tek / Epoxy combination which allows you to get away with riding the Solar on smaller days as well. The Solar is best ridden 1-2 inches longer than you regular board and can be ordered as a 5 fin set up if you enjoy riding quad fins on bigger days.

The Solar model is an industry first to be utilising the Spine Tek reflex technology. Spine Tek is a patient construction that for the first time in surfboard manufacturing focuses on Longitudinal and Torsional Flex, which creates more pop , speed, drive and flow. The other innovative attribute is the Spine Tek provides ultimate strength that is not seen before without stiffening the board or giving a negative flex.




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