Clayton Nienaber Interviewed on Surf Mastery

Maven Surf on Surf Mastery

Maven Surf, Head Coach, Ex-Pro Surfer and Surfboard Shaper Clayton Nienaber shares his unique perspective on advanced surfing techniques, surfboard function and reading the ocean on the Surf Mastery podcast.

He breaks down top-to-bottom performance surfing, surfboard function, how to get waves in a crowded line-up and much more.


As Clayton explains, good surfing is the repetition of skilled movement patterns that have been rehearsed and learned! These motor skills need to be fluent and coordinated movements perfectly timed with the wave.

Choosing the right skill at the right time and in a calm approach will make the movement appear effortless and easy. Whilst mastering surfing is made difficult because our surroundings are constantly changing, with the right mindset and discipline we can all develop the correct control over our body’s muscular-skeletal system to fire off controlled and coordinated movements in response to the demands of the wave.

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