Are You Surfing To Fast!!

Surfing to fast messes with your technique!

It takes you out of the pocket and into the flat part of the wave.

It also has a tendency to make you want to keep on surfing fast, otherwise you lose speed and start to catch rail.

The polar opposite of this is like when a skateboarder drops into a ramp, if you drop into the wave from to top to bottom and lean, you create space and allow the wave time to build which means you will always have a face to work with. However if you are dropping in and going straight down the line and out to the flats, you will need to hop your way back to the power source of the wave.

Racing hardly ever sets your wave up. Whereas taking off, dropping in using the waves gravity for speed, leaning on the bottom turn allows the wave time to rebuild and you will always find a lip there.

So surf the wave at the speed of the wave, not as fast as you can go.

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