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Receive a personalized review of your surfing from an expert at high performance surfing

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You can now get access to professional personalised video analysis and coaching insights wherever you are located.

Video analysis has been proven to be the essential in helping countless surfer’s progress to the next level.

Using different sports analysis tools, Maven Surf can target your effective and detrimental movement patterns which will boost your progression.


The trick with video training is to ‘feel how it looks.’

This allows you to gauge how you are surfing. When you first start video training you are in for a nasty shock as things you thought looked cool actually look kooky.

Video analysis helps eliminate the bad while building on the good.

The more you do it the more you get to narrow the gap between what feels and actually looks good. This builds confidence and gets you into a positive spiral.



  • Complete technical analysis of your surfing video
  • Wave by wave voice over comments, graphic annotations and explanations of how to adjust your surfing movements and technique
  • An evaluation of your surfing analysing in detail all the specific movement patterns to accentuate and eliminate to correct in your surfing.
  • For each wave there is a detailed explanation of the ways to optimize your technique and wave treatment
  • The analysis specifies your training goals at different levels
  • Your goals of progression.


Upload your video to a file sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo and email us the link or upload it below to get a complete breakdown on your effective and detrimental movement patterns in your surfing.

Analysing your video clips, Maven Surf will identify your strengths and weaknesses in your surfing technique and give you practical and real solutions that you can take into your next surf.

Maven Surf will email you back the edited clip with voiceover, slow motion movement analysis, annotations and technique drills to improve your surfing.



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