Understanding Your Rail Game

Deconstructing The Purpose Of Surfboard Rails Surfing requires us to have a good rail game, but has anyone ever told you what that actually is? Whenever your board is flat the bottom rocker will [...]

Get Fuller and More Complete Turns Done of Every Wave

The Strike Range Many surfers look too far down the line and try to attack sections that are three, four, five metres ahead of them. Directly in front of them, one metre away, there is a lip that [...]

The Importance of Correct Compression In Surfing

Are You Surfing To Fast!!

Surfing to fast messes with your technique! It takes you out of the pocket and into the flat part of the wave. It also has a tendency to make you want to keep on surfing fast, otherwise you lose [...]

Getting Stuck In The Lip

If you are going up for a top turn and getting stuck in the lip, generally this means you are surfing flat and the lip does not have a surface to push against in order to drive you back down the [...]

The Power Is In The Twist