Clayton’s Epoxy Surfboards now feature the signature Shapers SPINE-TEK® Technology which is a globally patented technology  and is exclusively licensed to Channel Island Surfboards and Clayton Surfboards.   Shapers SPINE-TEK® is a precision moulded fibre-reinforced spine that has been specifically designed & engineered to deliver superior strength, durability and flex based performance to surfboards.  SPINE-TEK® innovation enhances the overall responsiveness of your surfboard, injecting it with kinetic energy that transforms into additional speed, power and flow.

Training for surfing is best performed in a simulated environment where you can repeatedly train your muscles memory and the mind/body connection through repetition. Thus we have developed the Advanced Surfing Programs (ASP) for instinctive muscle memory in correct movement patterns through high repetition that entrench effective body movements and correct bad movement habits

High performance surfing starts with knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Video feedback from a professional is the fastest way to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your surfing. Analysing your video clips, Clayton Surf will identify your strengths and weaknesses in your surfing technique and give you practical and real solutions that you can take into your next surf

By the time you enter the water you should not be thinking about any training or coaching, because by that time it is to late.

You should do your training outside the water to build up your muscle memory for a certain manoeuvre to a point where you can find one trigger word that induces all of that technique.



  • My coaching experience with head coach Clayton made a huge positive impact on my surfing! Clayton has a keen eye for flaws in technique and he corrected a bunch of mistakes I was making and I wasn’t even aware I was doing them. This led to having more fun free surfing, better results and way fewer injuries.

    Travis Logie
    Travis Logie WCT Surfer
  • Without Clayton as my coach I would not have come close to making it onto the WCT. He has a really unique style of coaching and explained things to me in such simple terms (although sometimes brutally honest!). To this day I still use techniques that I learned from Clay.

    Ricky Bassnett
    Ricky Bassnett WCT Surfer
  • Completing the Maven Surfs 'Advanced Surfing Program' has seriously boosted the level of surfing progression in our club. Learning the tips and tricks of the pro surfers, identifying bad habits, correcting our technique and training our muscle memory with a number of training drills and exercises for surfing at our highest level. Without the help and support from Maven Surf our university would not have placed in the finals at the uni games surfing tournaments.

    QUT Surfers
    QUT Surfers University Surfing Club
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